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On-site Home Inspection Training - Non Student

Learn On-site be part of the Inspection with On-Site Inspection Training in new construction, and existing homes. Be part of an inspection on-site in new construction phases, and in existing homes. Sign-up and we will email mail you when we are having our next inspection and invite you to train right along side. See pre-pour, pour, and frame, wind strapping, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, final, and much more. Learn how, see how, practice makes perfect enroll in several. 

ALL Inspector Classes are in process of updates and being updated to be in compliance and new rules provided by TREC as noted on TREC website or MARCH 1st there are no more enrollments for Apprentices, Real Estate or Professional Inspectors.  All previous and existing TREC Real Estate and Pro Inspector students must be completed no later than June 30 2021 and submit application by June 30, 2021 as all courses TREC Inspector courses expiring by June 30th 2021.

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  • Location: Houston, TX
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