Professional Inspector II (324 Hours)

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Classroom Course 

Building Enclosure: 4 Hour Update – Course number 26817 – 4 Hours Credit

Correspondence Courses

Foundations – Course number 29826- 45 Hours Credit

Framing - Course number 29827 - 45 Hours Credit

Roof Systems - Course number 29829 - 40 Hours Credit

Building Enclosure - Course number 29828 - 20 Hours Credit

Plumbing - Course number 29832 - 40 Hours Credit

Electrical Systems – Course number 29830 - 40 Hours Credit

HVAC Systems – Course number 29831 - 40 Hours Credit

Appliances – Course number 29833 - 10 Hours Credit

Business/EPA/CPSC - Course number 29865 - 10 Hours Credit

Standards of Practice/Legal/Ethics – Course number 26131 - 15 Hours Credit

Standard Report Form/Report Writing – Course number 29863 - 15 Hours Credit

Home inspection course gives the students an additional 324 credit hours toward obtaining the 448 hour professional Inspector fast-track training program. This course includes over 3000 annotated slides describing the complete home construction project, and numerous images depicting Home Inspection details found by home inspections in actual inspections.  

Includes: Builder’s Academy Guide and Manual Home Inspection II

              Text: 2006 International Residential Code

                      2006 International Residential Code Study Companion

                      Ebook: Builder’s Academy Builder Slide Show (Over 3500 Slides) 6 months access

                      Builder’s Academy Inspector’s Watch Slide Show (1500 Slides)     6 months access


This course is for those who are engineers or architects or contractors who have had 5 or more years’ experience constructing erecting and applying and inspecting real property and TREC waive addition requirements such a 448 and 120 modules and only need part 2 of Professional Inspector per TREC requirements.

TREC Approved Quizzes & Exams


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