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120 Days Online Access - Test Prep

Updated with over 2015 Question and Answers and References

Successful Prep course with over 2015 questions and answers and test recommendations and study references

Consider this one giant card to help you succeed not only as a Real Estate Inspector or Professional but builder as well as it takes you thru must know items to know not only for State and National Test but also on the job know how.

Includes are questions and Answers and references where you should study and more with over 2015 Q & A and reference material many Graduates said the Builders Academy PREP test took the scare out of them and felt well prepared and pass 1st time!


Just in time for 2015 with over 2015 Q & A and References be wise and order today and study easy and well with the Builders Academy Prep Test TODAY.


ALL Inspector Classes are in process of updates and being updated to be in compliance and new rules provided by TREC as noted on TREC website or MARCH 1st there are no more enrollments for Apprentices, Real Estate or Professional Inspectors.  All previous and existing TREC Real Estate and Pro Inspector students must be completed no later than June 30 2021 and submit application by June 30, 2021 as all courses TREC Inspector courses expiring by June 30th 2021.

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