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Advanced Owner-Builder Home Study - Online

If self-paced learning is more your style, we offer our self-paced complete "Advanced Owner-Builder" or "Become a Builder" Home Building Courses with over 340 hours of educational slide shows, videotapes or DVDs, guides, and specs for you to take in the comfort of your own home. Save your gas and travel time. This is a in-depth home study program from start to finish compared to a 340 hour course.

Learn details and issues from lot soil testing, pads, foundations, foundations types explained and shown, framing, wind strapping, roofing, True Energy Savings and more.

This unique package includes:  

  • 2 hour Videotape or DVD on Foundations
  • 2 hour Videotape or DVD on Foundation Inspections (11 types of foundations explained)
  • 2 hour Videotape or DVD on Framing
  • 2 hour Videotape or DVD on Energy Efficiency Energy savings book "Build Energy FFFREE Homes"
  • Course notes teacher notes and estimating guide included
  • Plus for a limited time:
  • Special bonus Architectural detail drawing sheets showing foundation and frame details included
  • 50 page Builder's Academy class-notes, 6-months of access to: 2800-3000 captioned slides presenting the building process, 600 captioned slides presenting inspectors watch, learn at home and save.      

        *Free appointment for one-hour building consultation provided

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  • Location: Houston, TX
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