Professional Home Inspector Program

Save over $1000 when buying complete our Pro Inspector Correspondence Course  $3,995.00.

Bonus Offer INCLUDES FREE TEST PREP -Prep Course with over 700 hundred test questions, SOP guidelines, and Home inspector test taking strategies - $249 value- Free with purchase of The Builder's Academy Professional Inspector Program also FREE Shipping included. 

Plus my newest release 2015 for 30 days over 2015 Question and Answers and Recommendations to Pass the National and State Exam the 1st time  $125.00  30 day access FREE.

So Be wise and order today! ENROLL and you’re ready for a lifetime of education and opportunity in Inspections, Homebuilding practices and much more!  It’s a wise investment In your education! Build on a solid foundation with your education 1st!

House flippers think how wise it would be if you become a home inspector the money you save by being your own inspector before you buy! $550+ per inspection in 7 inspectors or less your course is paid for and you know more what to look for and offering before buying that home to flip for profits. Plus an Education of a lifetime!

Free test prep & Shipping and Handing Included! Complete package includes books and test and lab fees and testing fees and more.

Our Complete Professional Inspector Package which includes the 128 hour and the 320 hour courses above which totals the required 448 hours of Home Study plus the 120 hour classroom experience module to become eligible to be a Professional Inspector in the State of Texas.

Pro Inspector  (384 Hours includes 120 Class Module) ONLY $3,995.00

See our OPTIONAL "Tutorial for Home Inspectors" in-class upgrade for students taking the Builder's Academy Professional Inspector Program for in-class, on-site, and hands-on learning.

Payment Plan Option available for Builder's Academy Professional Inspection (394 Hour) Correspondence Program students:

Pro Builder's Pro Inspectors Course (All Inclusive includes the 120 with Builder's class and 3 onsite inspections to learn 1st hand) 

Many students finish this program in 6 weeks to 60 days yet you have 6 months to complete the Professional Builder Program. 

Payment Plan Options are available for the Professional Inspector Program and Internship Program.

It’s as easy as one, two, three, and you’re on your way to an exciting new career!

Only $1500 down and monthly payments up to 90 days no interest or added fee. Call for payment plan option.


Correspondence where you only need to attend 120 hours here at Builders Academy and or partial hours onsite for credit Inclusive PROFESSIONAL INSPECTOR CORRESPONDENCE ONLY $3,995.00

Quick glance at other Pro Inspector Programs and learning methods you may consider:

If you choose all in class then the *Classroom and classroom modules for the Professional Inspector is 448 classroom and modules clock hours in Class and ONSITE and Internship is $12,500.00 as Veterans have to take all 448 hrs in classroom and modules including onsite as internship course hours.

This includes our popular Builder Board Room course and Phase Construction courses there for it’s a Combined Pro Builder Pro Inspector Program for only $12,500.00


Our Pro Builder & Pro Inspector Course is a hybrid style course as its taught part in class and classroom modules and onsite learning and correspondence 448+ program most popular is only $5,995.00


Be Wise and ENROLL and will see you in class and Onsite! 


Check, Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover or Amex.  Start a new career order today!


Remember; when you enroll in a Builder’s Academy Inspector’s Correspondence Course, you won’t even have to quit your job! You’ll then have the freedom to study at your pace – in your spare time - or study full-time to graduate as quickly as possible. Our Inspection Course is approved by the Texas Real Estate Commission. It allows you up to 6 months to complete this program from your enrollment date. You can do it in 6 weeks!

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