Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Houston classes?

Classes are held in our education center and corporate offices at 11601 Katy Freeway, Suite 223, Houston TX 77079. We also teach at various hotels across Texas and the nation.  

Private Home-Building class enrolls 5 or more students and we can come near you or you can take our online classes right now: (added tuition fees to apply)

Offering Home-Building in-class or online class modules 1 or 2 days a week with 6 weeks of classes part-time or full-time. We can alter a schedule to fit your needs most of the time (added fees may apply).

We can also offer Inspector Fast Track courses, about 60-120 hours in the classroom and modules near you. Call to work out a schedule and tuition for small private courses (added tuition fees to apply).

Out of town? We can help with housing referrals and short term rentals while you finish your course from 1 day to 6 months. 

What if I miss a class?

You can miss up to 3 classes in home-building and make them up the next time the course is held at no additional charge. You may also retake the entire course again for only half the price when you're ready or during your building process! Inspector classes must be completed within 6 months, most can be completed in 6 weeks. 

Extensions for an added three months are available if needed meaning (90 days) can be added with tuition payment to renew and extend time to a total of 9 months from day of enrollment, a total added fee of $1,500.00.

Are there discounts for husbands & wives?

Of course, I believe firmly both should learn together and build together! It's wise to enroll as a couple. Take advantage of our spousal discount and save. You must pre-enroll before day of classes to take advantage of this discount. Seats are limited to the first three couples (six people total) who sign up! 

Just sign up and write a memo that it’s a couple discount. I will confirm and charge ONLY the couple rate. Discounts do not apply and not to be used in smaller private type courses.

How much will I save after your course?

"Much more than the cost of tuition." Experienced builders and students alike say they have saved many times the cost of the course. Most students realize how much they can save by the third class.

Who takes your course, and do I need any experience first?

"No experience is necessary." I have had a wide range of students, engineers, lawyers, doctors, real estate professionals, husband and wives, teachers, architects, material suppliers, computer wizards, professional builders, decorators, tradesman, even the Mayor of Houston's son has taken my course. The class is an in-depth, yet easy to understand program which includes the Builder's Academy 450-500 page consumer building guide.

How do I enroll?

The best way is to enroll securely online at our e-commerce site. You will receive confirmation via e-mail. It is secure and most students sign up this way. You may call 281-558-4100 stating that you would like to enroll over phone or fax 281-558-5821 your enrollment. You can pay by PayPal, Check or with Visa, MasterCard, Discovery or American Express online or call us to enroll securely.

If I'm enrolled do I really need the videos or DVDs?

Of course, it's an investment in education. It is 8 additional hours of in-depth and on-site education with in-class training time to better prepare you before class. Order prior to class to help you stay on-track. The videos and DVDs are great to refer to as you're building, too. Review them over and over for free and keep learning! Before you pour, get framed, or nailed, learn true energy savings. Purchase the videos or DVDs, most of our students are glad they did. 

Take advantage of our student discount and order the videos or DVDs with your enrollment fee. We'll ship them out to you before class begins to help you prepare before we reach the topics that really help you learn. Shipping and handling is included.These materials can be purchased at any time at our regular price.  Order when enrolling to save and be prepared.

I've wanted to pursue an entrepreneurial path of owning my own business, but could not think of anything. I'm now considering becoming a building inspector. Is this a good choice?

Becoming a home inspector is a great way to get into the residential business market if you’re interested in that field. We provide an excellent education program for you to obtain your home inspector license or even further your career change decisions for getting into the residential industry as a builder or more. But don't stop there! Take our Advanced Professional 550 hour course and do both Building and Inspecting.

What is a reasonable net earnings expectation in the local market? This will be a big factor in whether I decide to pursue this path.

That is a difficult question to answer. If you take the path as a Professional Inspector (this requires 448 hours) you can open your own business as a licensed home inspector once you’ve passed the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) requirements. Some examples of the fees that home inspectors charge for their services range from as little as $250 basic per inspection to $1050 and more per inspection depending on size of home, age and location. Add charges on for pools, outdoor kitchens, mold, infra-red termite energy audits and more. It’s an open market. You name your price along with the range and depth of services or work for City, Official, Building and Inspection firm on salary and/or commissions. Build a business. Learn and earn more with Commercial Inspections paying much more many times 10K plus. Inspections normally take anywhere from 1 to 6 hours to do, depending on the circumstances on site. Some inspectors are doing upwards of 3 inspections a day. Truly many of my graduates are making 100K plus part time and more just doing inspection and the Pro Builder & Pro Inspections much more. A recent grad told me he made 300K plus last year and another engineer quit corporate just to inspect roofs and is making 250K per year PART TIME. Many more just working causal and making 35-75K or strictly weekends making their own work when they want to schedule. AHHH the beauty and profit of self-employment, the American dream so gratifying. 

Namely, you’re the boss, you’re in control enroll and free yourself.

How much does an inspector get to keep of the inspection fees? I'm assuming the state or county that licenses the inspector as its agent must be getting part of the fees.

You get to keep all the fees for all the inspections if you’re a Professional Inspector. If you’re a Real Estate Inspector (128 hours) you’ll be required to find a sponsor (a licensed and TREC approved Professional Inspector) to sponsor you. The sponsor may require fees or other compensation from you for providing the sponsorship service to you. Check out the TREC website for details on "paths for home inspectors."  

You'll see there that annual renewal fees and education requirements to maintain your license do apply. However, these requirements are not substantial. You can learn more by going to the TREC website as well.

Is the local market able to support more inspectors, or is it getting too saturated?

I believe opportunity is what you make of it. Simply do the math - Texas is BIG! There are approximately 10,000 inspectors in the entire state of Texas. There are plenty of opportunities for inspectors including existing homes, realtors, builders, owner-builders, city & county government and even full-time jobs. It is also a super entrepreneurial business to build your own future. It's your call, you can be self-employed and working either part-time or full-time, and there are plenty of opportunities. I see outstanding opportunities in teaching inspections, or who knows, you can even qualify for a Builder's Academy providership in your area. Teach for TREC schools, colleges, or private business using your inspector's knowledge.

What other "hot" markets are out there besides large cities?

Look around, it's true. It is a great investment - home inspections, builder, education! From big cities to local counties, inspectors are needed for homes and commercial building to help buyers and sellers understand the true condition of the property. Business is booming for city and county officials looking for inspectors, builders and construction managers alike, there is so much opportunity out there. Even schools hiring teachers to teach inspections come to get certified and/or licensed. Start your new career today as independent and “self-employed” or get hired after your education at Builder's Academy.

Does 128 course hours for the "Real Estate Inspector" course really translate into about 128 clock hours for a person who is dedicated to mastering the course?

Yes, for some it may take more, for others less. The Builder’s Academy Home Inspector Training Program is a comprehensive program approved by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) and determined by them to be the equivalent of earning a minimum of 128 hours with 60 of those hours from classroom training and onsite. We use a variety of media options to enhance learning and make training productive and enjoyable.

Would my first few jobs as an inspector be as an apprentice to a seasoned inspector or would I start out on my own?

Your first job would be as a licensed Professional Inspector. If you take the Builder's Academy Professional Inspector Training Program (448 hours), complete the required assignments, pass the Builder's Academy tests, submit these and your application to TREC for approval and pass the state required 150-question home-inspector exam, you are a licensed home inspector in the state of Texas. If you choose another option to enter the profession (See TREC website) then the apprentice title may apply. 

Currently, graduates have a State test to pass about 25 Questions and second test called the National Inspectors test of 150 questions. Don’t worry we have prep test to help you get there and education like no other!

Besides the earnings, are there significant advantages to becoming a "Professional Inspector"? Does that title open more doors of opportunity?

In my opinion, there is a tremendous advantage to becoming a Professional Inspector as opposed to an Apprentice or a Real Estate Inspector. Different people see advantages and disadvantages to each path. Visit the TREC website and determine for yourself the best way for you to enter the profession. See TREC for Real Estate Inspector, Professional Inspector and Real Estate Agents for up to date requirements. 

Other class such as Termite, Certified Applicator, Prep Test, ICC or HERS Raters or give us a call at 1-888-82-BRYON or 281-558-4100. You can also email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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