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How’s your building project going? Get the right help and assurance quality before you're sheet-rocked over, or nailed and framed in poor workmanship. Before you build or buy a home or commercial property, it’s wise to learn first or hire us to inspect for you.

For your existing property think about this: Are your utility bills exceeding your car payments, your mortgage payments? Does it seem like it?  

We can help you save hundreds of dollars a year in energy savings by providing you with an in-depth analysis of your home's energy efficiency rating and providing proven solutions that will effectively, and in most cases dramatically decrease the amount you pay the utility companies each month.

We are home-energy auditors and remodelling professionals with the know-how to turn energy-guzzling homes into more comfortable and affordable homes. Call us to set-up an appointment to evaluate your home's energy efficiency and discover what we can do to help. We can refer the trades directly or hire ours, as they know very well how to help lower your bills. Vent skin, add radiant barriers, solar fans and more can reduce your energy bills every month! Separate from Builder's Academy business, we offer full service quality professional inspections on: new construction, residential or commercial, phase construction, and new or resale residential properties. realtors, home buyers, sellers, owner-builders, banks, and builders. Call to schedule your inspection today at 281-558-0200 or see or

If we didn’t build it it's wise and best to have us inspect it for you!

Bryon A. Parffrey Professional Inspector #7408, IECC Energy Inspector and Plans Examiner, HERS Energy Rater, Infra-Red Camera Inspector, Energy Auditor, BPI Analyst ,Inndor Door Air Quality Certified, Expert Witness and more 

BRYON A. PARFFREY, LLC.  Real Estate Services
We help you in investing Better and Wiser from lots to homes to Commercial Property
“Look before you Leap” or Weep! No time to learn 1st then let us help you in your Real Estate !



Bryon A. Parffrey Certified Applicator #0705543
Have Termites, Carpenter ants Beetles or any type of WDI (Wood Destroying Insects)How about WDO (Wood Destroying Organisms)?
New Construction, Borate treatments and Pad Treatments
Field Training for Apprentices and Termite Techs

We can help call 281-642-7875 or 281-558-0200
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B A Owner Builder with BRYON, Inc.  

BRYON A. PARFFREY, LLC.  or for recommended company referrals (281)-558-0200

You can do it, especially now, with a true owner builder consulting to owner builder and pro builder services.

Bryon A Parffrey, LLC.  BRYON, Inc. or referred company will provide you with estimates, cost sheets, subcontractors, suppliers lists, preferred discounts, and even on site visits and recommendations with reports and more.  Whether your hiring a builder or building it yourself obtain the professional help and guidance of a true Builder, and certified Teacher. Bryon’s guidance and consulting services help consumers build for themselves and save thousands, plus build better, which is the Builder's Academy way! Call Bryon A. Parffrey. Graduates also receive discounts on services. Plus as many know, the Builder's Academy course is a life long education and a true consumer education. Bryon can also offer on-site recommendations. We have a full network of professionals from architects, designers, engineers, trades foundation, soil reports, plumbers, HVAC, HERS raters, inspectors, builders, graduates, framers, electricians, landscapers and much more from building to remodeling. General Contractors and handy individuals get you where you need to be. Network connections by Builders Academy's Bryon A. Parffrey helps you "Build on A Solid Foundations."


“Build It” Tractor & Bull Dozer Service - "Pad Builders" Road Builder & Tree Removal 281-558-0200

Best built pads, it all starts and rests here with your home in mind! Call Bryon at Build It Tractor Service in Houston Texas, for pads, roads, driveways, mowing, grading, clean up, tree & stump removal, culverts, fences & more. Quality work and truly customized services are tailored to your specific needs. "Building on A Solid Foundation" with Pad Builders. 


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Home inspection - New Construction

I would like to express my wife's and I's gratitude to Bryon for his excellent job inspecting our new construction home. Bryon's inspection report was sufficiently detailed and actually got the builder to finally address many serious issues with the home improvements. One day after the report was submitted, the builder removed a large section of brick and re-leveled and squared eight windows. Additionally, >30 other home repairs were identified and were required to be fixed which the builder did based on Bryon's recommendations. Lastly, Bryon also provided a quality reference to a drywall contractor as this individual was needed due to bowed walls which the builder just couldn't fix after multiple attempts. We highly recommend Bryon and wish we had used his services before the final home walk (foundation and pre-drywall inspections) as he could have saved us time and stress dealing with our builder. One note I would like to add is that we used a semi-custom builder that charged ~$165 sq ft. and assumed they would build at a higher standard; however, we found out differently based on Bryon's inspection. Lesson learned = protect yourself by using his services or expect to be addressing home issues after closing.

-Derrick E.

"I used Mr. Parffrey for the first time on 03/09/2015 and he performed an AWESOME job with not only the home inspection and provided me with photos and explanation; but he did and EXCELLENT JOB with explaining the details to me. I would recommend Mr Parffrey for any home or commercial inspection."


"I'm a smarter buyer, now!"

I contacted a few inspectors and Bryon was the one that said "I am doing an inspection now, but would be happy to help you right after. Let me ask you afew questions..." Within 20 seconds I was confident that I was talking to an expert that LIKED doing thorough inspections. THAT is why I chose Bryon. He met me the same day and walked me through a super detailed inspection with a ton of pictures. He was so detailed with his review and specific in his explanation that I think I could be a good inspector myself. He TAUGHT me about the house I was buying. Before my closing, I feel like I have an intimate knowledge of my new home. I am also well equipped to negotiate with my builder. I'd like to say "I know a few inspectors that I'd recommend,' but I don't. I used to. Now, I only know ONE. After learning from Bryon, I'd only recommend him. He set a very high expectation for me and it is because he really likes what he does.

-Roger C.


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