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Founded in 1992

Builder's Academy was founded in 1992 by Bryon A. Parffrey on a single premise: To help people just like you to "Build on a Solid Foundation ®" with Education 1st  with knowledge and understanding. 

Bryon's vision of teaching those wanting to manage and build for themselves or enter into the building profession. Individuals and family’s planning and  building their own dream homes and not just handing there plans to a builder hoping and trusting it will be built with passion or quality. 

Teaching students to Build their own Dreams has enabled thousands of owner-builders to achieve their goal of home ownership and more. Many have sold their homes before they completed them and pocketed for themselves $100K and more. 

Think about it. They are building themselves and NOT paying a builders fee of 20-30%. That’s money they save while they are in control of everything that goes into their dream home. The savings alone provides you, the Homeowner and “Owner Builder”, the ability to upgrade to the finest finish out. Now you can afford that granite or wine cellar or even swimming pool and more or even all of it with the funds saved by building your own dream home.  

Think about this or simply do the math (don’t worry class is not hard and there's only a little math), after the second or third house you build and "flip" or sell while you're building the 3rd one is actually FREE. 

You saved 100K x 3.That’s a $300,000 budget in less than 2 years to build your true dream (mansion) with your investment profits FREE and Clear. BUILD IT YOURSELF, YOU CAN DO IT!   

Be Wise. Learn before you build or buy a home. This will teach you how you can be rewarded with profits time and time again by building and selling can lead to living FREE with no mortgage or starting a building business. 

Graduates are even building town homes, apartment and commercial buildings, all after one class at the Builders Academy. 

Further, these owner-builders many times start their own Custom Home Building Business and often enjoy the instant equity that comes from saving supervision costs and builder's fees. In the business world right now, many graduates never move into their first home. They sell it with sustainable profit many say $100,000 and more! 

Pro graduate inspectors making $100K. Part-time others claim 300K as they built a business and hired others to inspect with them in there firm. Graduate after Graduate share there successes and express their gratitude that they enrolled.

Owner-Builder Graduates and Builder-Boardroom Graduates simply start their own Custom Home Building Business or advance into Pro Builder/Pro Inspectors and become licensed inspectors,too, with the Builders Academy Education. We teach you quality and how to manage it yourself with NO PRIOR experience or degree in construction.

Even with hiring a Builder you can save thousands by learning the process and when to “check on your builder and how to get what you’re paying for” and save by not paying Builder retail. 

Some are doing it while holding down full-time jobs, building home after home part-time. Women love the course and manage the jobs well, and more and more are enrolling in our Inspector program with great success.

Police officers, teachers, lawyers, nurses, oil and gas executives, college grads, even post high school students not wanting 4 years of college and seasoned home builders enroll and change their lives after our courses.

Many change careers and become Custom Builders, making 10 times more than they did before. 

Builders Academy Education has truly changed lives. One thing is for sure you NEVER LOOK at a house the same again s most graduates say after completing their Education at Builders Academy.

Graduates are making $100,000 or more every 6 months like clockwork and they're only building part-time while holding full time jobs. We have helped graduates make millions.

“You can do this and be a success, just be wise and learn 1st before you build or buy a home with Builders Academy Education 1st!”

Simply enroll and “truly build yourself” with an education of a lifetime.

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