Hello & Welcome to Builders Academy, Inc. here’s some about me and why my passion is to Teach and help you Build on A Solid Foundation with Education 1st.®

“It’s Wise to Learn Before You Build or Buy a Home or Commercial Property! “ 

“RYE” that’s my acronym to my wise graduates to “Remember Your Education” & Build On A Solid Foundation ®  - Bryon A. Parffrey

Some of my reasons and history how I got here FYI.

MA Leadership Education, BS Education Certified Teacher, Professional Builder, Professional Inspector, HERS Energy Rater, Certified Applicator,  & Certified Trainer and Educator  & REALTOR- Broker

Bryon A. Parffrey is a Custom Home Builder, Remodeler, Licensed Real Estate Broker, Licensed Professional Inspector #7408 and Educator. He is the CEO of Builder's Academy Inc., B. A. Contracting Services Inc., B A Owner Builder Consulting Services since 1982, BRYON Inc. and Better Attended Properties serving the public as a Professional Construction Consultant and Inspector namely just about everything Real Estate. 

Bryon is also the Host of "The Builder's Academy Radio Talk Show"  for over 16 years on a weekly popular show. 

The Builder's Academy audience Continues To Grow! Mr Parffrey has also produced five DVDs and a new book titled Build Energy FFFREE Healthy Homes and creator of many courses.

"I taught Community College Construction for seven years and for the past 23+ years I have owned and operated my own private home building and inspector school - providing a true and complete education for 1000's of Students at The Builders Academy". I also trained at Clinton Nuclear Power Plant QA & QC Courses.

"I've made builders out of many, and developers out of a few, but mostly I boast how 100's of my students now save day after day with better built quality homes that are simply more comfortable, energy efficient, enjoyable and better "Sensed." My students enjoy lower maintenance costs and drastically reduced energy bills. Many of my students gleam now that they have built it themselves, saved 10's of thousands of dollars in the construction of their home and continue saving money through owning and operating a truly energy efficient home. They had an informed relationship with the builder who built their home during construction due to the education from Builder's Academy. 

"I am the host of the Builder's Academy Talk Show and/or Webinar and/or Online Radio Shows (TBA) or obtain my newsletter to find my passion and voice in helping your build on a solid foundation with Educations 1st.®  

Feel free to call in during the show and ask more about the Builders Academy and our proven success to our graduates and more about classes and methods of learning. Ask us about the who, what, where, when and why, and how do I get there and hammer it down before you build or buy a home. NAIL IT! Make Better Sense. ENROLL!

Hear yourself from many graduates now in the building or inspecting or both and/or real estate business today after a true education and life changing experience at Builders Academy Education Center. 

It will prove to make "better sense" for you to be wise and learn before you build or buy a home or commercial building."

Bryon's qualifications, skills and background include but are not limited to:

  • Master of Arts Educational Management & Leadership MA. Ed.
  • Bachelors of Science Business Education Certified Teacher, B.S. Ed.
  • 18 hours in MA Program In Instructional Design
  • Associates In Arts & Science
  • President and Founder of BAC, Inc.1982
  • President & Founder of Builders Academy, Inc 1992
  • President and Founder BRYON A. PARFFREY, LLC.  2014
  • President and Founder  Bug-X, LLC. Certified Applicator  2015
  • TREC & MCE & CE and ICE Instructor
  • Train The Trainer Certified
  • Author of Book and 5 DVDS
  • Author of Various Course work
  • CMI  Certified Master Inspector     
  • Professional Inspector #7408, Pool & Spa Certified
  • HERS RESNET Energy Rater & BPI Analyst 
  • ICC Inspector IECC Energy Inspector/Plans Examiner
  • INFRA-Red Camera/IC2 Indoor Air Quality/Mold Certified,
  • Solar Certified 
  • TDA Lic.Certified Applicator, Termite
  • Custom Homebuilder
  • Expert Witness
  • 16 + years Live Talk show Radio & TV. Host 
  • Real Estate REALTOR–Broker
  • Previous Mortgage Broker
  • Apprentice Electrician
  • Previous Carpenter 
  • CDEI
  • Professional Consultant
  • R A S Education 
  • Advanced Certified Scuba Diver
  • Father of 3 Step dad to 1
  • Grandpa
  • Thank you, there’s more to list but I think that’s enough for now, enroll or tune in or come by if you'd like to hear more!

Mr. Bryon Arthur Parffrey, MA Education Leadership
Location: Houston, Texas CDEI 
Verification ID: 67882 CDEI
Status: Active Completed all requirements and in good standing

Advance to a Commercial Property Inspector train with
our Team of Pros Onsite. Plus learn and earn

2009- 2012  IECC Energy Inspector and Plans Examiner
and HERS ENERGY RATER Courses and Training

PS: “Bryon is pronounced Bryan” don’t ask me, ask my mom why spelled that way and while you’re at it ask her why two middle names “Arthur Keith”  did she envision I would have enough credentials for 3 people.?”


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