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Estimating Course - inc/ pricing techniques & costs

“It’s wise to estimate before you build or buy”

Learn some estimating techniques to establish budgets, estimate prices and rough guidelines in pricing like:

  • How much should I pay for my foundation or pier and beam, or framers, electrical, plumber and HVAC?
  • What are the roofers charging these days? You can get a rough and rounded idea and confirm estimating quantities, formulas and more.
  • How much is dirt work pad building cost?

Protect yourself from getting 'hammered, nailed and screwed' by high bids and cost then finding out later you over paid. 

The Estimating Course provides job cost codes to keep your estimate on track. 

Learn different methods you can use to confirm contractors bids quickly. Apply efficient estimating techniques to your project. 

See a project take off and learn how to work your lumber packages so you don’t pay retail at the lumber and mill yards.

“As the good book says a “wise man estimates before building his (her) tower or else he shall run out of money and everyone will laugh and say he could not finish it.”

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  • Location: Houston, TX
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